Welcome to Foggy4Paws Dog Walking!

Foggy4Paws is dedicated to offering friendly, professional dog walking services in San Francisco. We provide active, safe walks at affordable rates. We uphold the highest standards in dog care and we love what we do.

As you might expect, the first step for a new or potential client is to schedule a free introductory meeting. This provides you with an opportunity to meet Kenny and Rubén and to discuss your needs; and it gives them a chance to get acquainted and learn about you and your dog(s). This initial, free introductory meeting is required before appointments can be scheduled and confirmed.

If you would like to schedule an introductory meeting or just would like more information, please Contact Us.

Our Commitment To You
We adhere to the following guidelines of San Francisco Animal Care & Control.

"Dog walkers provide a valuable service to the City and County of San Francisco. People rely on dog walkers to provide professional, conscientious dog care while they are at work. In order for these services to meet the needs of the public and provide safety and companionship to the dogs, San Francisco Animal Care and Control has developed a list of guidelines, which we strongly recommend all dog walkers adhere to:

  • Each walker must have a maximum number of eight dogs per walk.
  • Each dog must wear a current dog license and identification.
  • Each dog must have verification of current vaccinations.
  • Walker must clean up feces left by dogs and carry a container for clean up at all times.
  • Walker must have one leash present for each dog in the group and use leashes in on-leash areas.
  • Dogs must be transported in safe, well-ventilated vehicles in a manner that prevents injury or overheating.
  • Dogs must be safely and properly restrained in open vehicles to prevent injury.
  • Walkers must use only handling methods and equipment that are humane and in compliance with state and local law.

The guidelines listed above are meant to help keep your dog safe and happy during his/her stay with a dog walker. Please screen your dog care professional carefully. Dog walkers must always follow humane practices that are consistent with yours and must never correct or discipline your dog in any manner that you are not aware of or that is inhumane. Your dog cannot tell you what he or she has experienced on a walk with a dog walker. It is your responsibility to screen your walker."

For more information on San Francisco Animal Care & Control, and a list of Professional Dog Walkers and Dogs Sitters, visit


"I'm ready for my trip to Crissy Field.
Will you get going already?
I want to get wet.
And don't forget my energy bars!"

"Crissy Field and Beach are Rubén's favorite places too. And he's such a good swimmer! He loves to surf too."