Our Services

We uphold the highest standards in all aspects when caring for your dog. We will treat your dog with love and dignity while he plays, explores and walks.

  • Small groups (8 dogs maximum in a playgroup)
  • Adventures last 1¼ - 2 hours (minimum of 1 hour park time)
  • Energetic and fun exercise
  • Companionship -- lots of great dog pals!
  • Dogs are treated with love and respect
  • Special play groups depending on size and temperament
  • We use only environmentally-responsible, biodegradable doggy bags
  • Competitive rates
  • Exceptional references
  • For security purposes, each dog in our care is issued a Pet ID Tag with contact information for Foggy4Paws engraved on the back

Please Note: We do not provide dog sitting services.

Our Credentials in the Public Record
Business Registration Certificate #0421290
Issued by the Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector of the City of San Francisco Expires: June 30, 2020

A Word About Bonding
A bond for a sole proprietorship (like ours) that has no employees is totally worthless. By definition, "A bond protects the employer from dishonest acts by an employee. It does absolutely nothing for the client." A sole proprietor would not commit dishonest acts against themselves. (i.e. A sole proprietor would not steal from a client's home; however, an employee might. That is when bonding becomes useful.) It is also important to note that a bond is not an insurance policy nor is it paid out like one. For a bond to be paid, the covered person must be arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced. Then and only then will the bond be paid. Subsequently, the bonding company goes after the person that they bonded to recover their losses. Sole proprietors would be spending money foolishly for something they would never use. In such cases, the only one that comes out ahead is the bonding company.


"Well, are you going to throw it or do I have to sit here all day?
And it better have a working squeaky!"

"Kenny and Rubén and some of our friends at Crissy Beach, of course. I told you they were beach bums!"