Robbie - Mission Bay
"Hi, I get really excited when Kenny picks me up because I know I'm going to have tons of fun socializing and playing with all my four-legged buddies!"


Stella - Sunnyside
"Humm, let's see, what am I going to tell you about Kenny? He takes really good care of me. I love to play ball but my head gets itchy and I feel dizzy all the time. Kenny, can you give me a nice rub-shampoo? It makes me feel so good!"


Clifford - Castro
"OK, you all know my name by looking at my face. Kenny just started walking with me. Goodness, after every walk I feel exhausted - he really wears me out!"



Group - John McLaren Park
"Just enjoying another outing together!"


Marty - Hayes Valley
"It is a damm hot day! Kenny, please would you give me a break! I'm so tired I'm going to pass out in Kenny's car as soon as possible!"


Wiley -Sunnyside
"Well, thank you for introducing Kenny to me. I'm very satisfied with my new dog walker and all my new doggie friends. Where are we going to play today? Great, all my buddies are here already!"



Rachel - Candlestick Point
"How would you like to wear this outfit? How embarrassing! I hate it, but Kenny made me wear it because I was naughty. But now I can be off the leash all the time because Kenny trained me - finally!"


Riku - Candlestick Point
"Do I look dirty enough? Kenny is going to hate me! It's like this every time - I make Kenny work really hard. Sorry Kenny! You're the best; I love you!"


Frankie - Noe Valley
"Oh my gosh, all my buddies are here! I enjoy every walk with Kenny and all my doggie friends. We get to see lots of new and exciting places! I'm raring to go anytime!"