A Typical Outing

We will give your dog a safe, energetic, fun walk. Here is a typical day out:

  • Your dog is picked up in a safe, well-ventilated vehicle.
  • We use a professional grade, telescoping, dog ramp rated at 300 pounds. (No need for dogs to jump into the vehicle.)
  • Once a dog group is picked up, we go to one of the many San Francisco parks.
  • Dogs are exercised for 1 hour. Dogs are never sitting around on these walks. We keep them moving and active at all times.
  • Dogs are always treated with loving care and attention.
  • Dogs are brought back to the vehicle, given a treat and delivered home.

We adhere to San Francisco Health Code Sections 40.5 and 40.6 regarding the Protection of Dogs in Motor Vehicles which state:

"It shall be unlawful to transport a dog in a motor vehicle upon any street within the City and County of San Francisco unless the dog is fully enclosed within the motor vehicle or is protected by a belt, tether, cage, container or other device that will prevent the dog from falling, jumping or being thrown from the motor vehicle."

"No dog or other animal shall be left completely enclosed is a parked vehicle without adequate ventilation or subject the animal to extreme temperatures which may adversely affect the animal's health and welfare."


"That ramp is so cool!
I'm still pretty short - and pretty too for that matter - so I need it to get in the car."

"My big brother Rubén loves to play in the snow! Here he is at Lake Tahoe."